Calendar 2018-2020


Tipo de açãoNomeDataLocalSetorStatus
FairSimatex10th to 13th of AprilArgentinaTextileCanceled
FairExpomin23th to 26th of AprilChileCement and MiningCanceled
Buyer's ProjectFEIMEC24th to 28th of AprilBrazilMachine-ToolsCanceled
Image ProjectFEIMEC 24th to 28th of AprilBrazilMachine-ToolsCanceled
Buyer's ProjectAgrishow30th of April to 4th of MayBrazilAgriculturalCanceled
Image ProjectAgrishow30th of April to 4th of MayBrazilAgriculturalCanceled
Comercial MissionNampo Show15th to 18th of MaySouth AfricaAgriculturalCanceled
FairFIMAQH15th to 19th of MayArgentinaMachine-ToolsCanceled
FairExpoplast23th to 26th of MayPeruPlastic and PackagingCanceled
FairArgenplas13th to 16th of JuneArgentinaPlastic and PackagingCanceled
FairExpomina12th to 14th of SeptemberPeruCement and MiningCanceled
FairInternational Industrial Trade Fair of Bogota(FIB) 24th to 28th of SeptemberColombiaMultisetorialCanceled
FairColombiaplast24th to 28th of SeptemberColombiaPlastic and PackagingCanceled
FairWeftec1st to 3rd of OctubeUnited StatesSaneamentoCanceled
FairEIMA International 7th to 11st of NovemberItalyAgriculturalCanceled


Tipo de açãoNomeDataLocalSetorStatus
FairColombiatex22th to 24th of JanuaryColombiaTextileCanceled
FairIPPE12nd to 14th of FebruaryUnited StatesMeat and Poultry Production and ProcessingCanceled
Comercial MissionTecma5th to 8th of MarchMexicoMachine-ToolsCanceled
FairExpoagro12nd to 15th of MarchArgentinaAgriculturalCanceled
Buyer's ProjectPlástico Brasil25th to 29th of MarchBrazilPlastic and PackagingCanceled
Image ProjectPlástico Brasil25th to 29th of MarchBrazilPlastic and PackagingCanceled
FairPlastimagem2nd to 5th of AprilMéxicoPlastic and PackagingCanceled
Buyer's ProjectAgrishow29th of April to 3rd of MayBrazilAgriculturalCanceled
Image ProjectAgrishow29th of April to 3rd of MayBrasilAgriculturalCanceled
FairIFFA4th to 09th of MayGermanyFood and Industrial RefrigerationCanceled
Buyer's ProjectExpomafe7th to 11st of MayBrazilMachine-ToolsCanceled
Image ProjectExponomafe7th to 11th of MayBrazilFood and Industrial RefrigerationCanceled
FairNampo Show14th to 17th of MaySouth AfricaAgriculturalCanceled
Comercial MissionNampo Show14th to 17th of MaySouth AfricaAgriculturalConfirmed
FairExponor27th to 30th of MayChileCement and MiningCanceled
FairITMA20th to 26th of JuneSpainAgriculturalCanceled
FairExtemin 16th to 20th of SeptemberPeruCement and MiningTo confirm
Comercial MissionOil & Gas Argentina 23th to 26th of SeptemberArgentinaOil & GasTo confirm
FairAgritechnica10th to 16th of NovemberGermanyAgriculturalTo confirm
FairAndina Pack 10th to 16th of NovemberColombiaPlastic and PackagingTo confirm
Comercial MissionExpo Oil & Gas Colombia 21st to 23th of NovemberColombiaOil & GasTo confirm


Tipo de açãoNomeDataLocalSetorStatus
FairColombiatex23th to 25th of JanuaryColombiaTextileConfirmed
FairIPPE30th of January to 1st of FebruaryUnited StatesMeat and Poultry Production and ProcessingConfirmed
Prospective MissionProspective Mission United States To be confirmedUnited StatesMultisetorialTo confirm
Commercial MissionExpo Oil & Gas ColombiaTo be confirmedColombiaOil & GasTo confirm
FairSimatex/ Emitex/ ConfemaqTo be confirmedArgentinaTextile and Apparel IndustryTo confirm
Prospective MissionOTC HoustonTo be confirmedUnited States of AmericaOil & GasTo confirm
FairExpominTo be confirmedChileCement and MiningTo confirm
Buyer ProjectAgrishowTo be confirmedBrazilAgriculturalTo confirm
Press ProjectAgrishowTo be confirmedBrazilAgriculturalTo confirm
Buyer's ProjectFeimecTo be confirmedBrazilMachine-ToolsTo confirm
Press ProjectFeimecTo be confirmedBrazilMachine-ToolsTo confirm
FairNampo Show11th to 14th of AugustBrazilAgriculturalConfirmed
FairExpoplast21th to 24th of OctoberPeruPlastic and PackagingTo confirm
FairArgenplas24th to 27th of NovemberArgentinaPlastic and PackagingConfirmed
FairExpomina09th to 11th of SeptemberPeruCement and MiningTo confirm
FairColombiaplast21th to 25th of SeptemberColombiaPlastic and PackagingTo confirm


Tipo de açãoNomeDataLocalSetorStatus
FairColombiaplast21th to 25th of JuneColombiaPlastic and PackagingTo confirm
FairFIB22th to 25th of JuneColombiaMultisetorialTo confirm
FairSimatex12th to 15th of AprilArgentinaTextileTo confirm
FairExpoplast2nd to 5th of JunePeruPlastic and PackagingTo confirm
FairAgrishow26th to 30th of AprilBrazilAgriculturalConfirmed


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