International Business Round

Organized by the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program, the International Business Round happens during the International Fair of Machinery and Equipment (FEIMEC), in São Paulo. The so-called “Projeto Comprador” (Project Buyer) is a matchmaking event between Brazilian companies and potential buyers, and it will take place in May 6th and 7th, involving the entire chain of machinery, equipment, parts and tools.

FEIMEC already counts on prospective buyers from South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, México, Paraguay, Peru and Central America countries.

The International Business Round arranges 30-minute meetings for those businesspeople who have submitted their entry forms, thus promoting direct and effective negotiations. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for Brazilian companies of the sector. The Round also provides Brazilian companies which have submitted their entries with an appropriate infrastructure for business meetings scheduled in advance.

By completing the entry form, the company defines its markets of interest and the products it sells, among other things. Upon the submission of the entry form, the company can access the system and see for itself the foreign buyers selected to participate in this International Business Round, allowing for the businesspeople to organize their schedules. Profiles highlighted in blue are the importers interested in one or more products informed in the entry forms by the manufacturing companies.

Members of ABIMAQ pay BRL 600.00 to participate in the International Business Round 2020, while non-members pay BRL 1,600.00.


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