AirZap Anest Iwata
The AirZap Anest Iwata is a manufacturer of oil-free air compressor with Japanese technology

Alfamec is engaged into engineering, manufacturing and marketing systems, equipment, chemical products and services for environmental sanitation field.

Alroma - Máquinas Para Tijolos Ecológicos
Since 2005 producing bricks, the Restelli family has achieved a high level of knowledge in the field of soil-cement, constantly developing and improving details of the production, construction and insertion of the product in the market. Our mission is to contribute to the dissemination of ecological brick and preservation of the environment through the development of machines and new ideas, guaranteeing quality products that respect the integrity of employees and exceed the expectations of customers. Taking our values as commitment, honesty, respect, safety, tradition and punctuality.

Pioneer in the manufacturing of Flexible Couplings in the country, Antares has diversified its line and now offers the same quality in models of gears, Wrap, Elastic and Blades. The most demanding sectors of Brazilian industry prefer the Antares brand, including sugar and alcohol, machinery and equipment, mining, steel, cellulose and paper and oil.

ASCOVAL world-leading manufacturer of solenoid valves. The Ascoval has excelled in Brazil as a first-rate products manufacturer devoting himself to attend its customers and users on their specific needs through reliable products, timely deliveries and uninterrupted expansion of technological leadership, and the company is committed to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, one of the first companies in Brazil to obtain ISO 9002 certification in December 2, 1993.

Aumaq RS Ltda
Located in Caxias do Sul/RS, AUMAQ RS is the largest member of the Group AUMAQ RS, along with AUTEC RS – automation equipment manufacturer. The company started its activities in 2007 and now serves companies throughout the national territory, extending its services to other countries in South America. Our headquarters has more than 3000m² to accommodate large scale projects, as well as medium and small projects at the same time. We develop special machines and industrial automation in several industry sectors: electric, plastic, furniture, metal mechanics, automotive, among others. Our technicians are highly qualified to meet the needs of the customer efficiently and professionaly in all stages of production: from equipment development to delivery. At AUMAQ RS, the customer can always be certain that they will receive a personalized service, focused on their needs and strategies in each project. In addition to having access to: Technical assistance, Technical delivery, Monitoring and support during startup, Warranty, Safety report, Equipment manual and Operational training at the customer.

AZ Armaturen is a multinational company from Germany and has a facility in Brazil that make special valves plug type among other equipment. Plug valves is common applied main in special process and complex in chemical, petrochemical, oil&gas, pulp and paper, food and beverage. Consult an AZ Armaturen technical specialist and discover how we can help in every concern in the plant, either by reducing leakage, by reducing valve consumption or by increasing the productivity of an industrial process plant.

Branqs Automação
PLC manufacturer for industrial automation.

Daido Industrial e Comercial LTDA
The DAIDO, manufacturer of DID products, is present in the market over 80 years moving peoples lives. The headquarter was founded in Japan at ‘30s, and nowadays has branches in different parts of the world. In Brazil, the multinational started on 1st November 1973. Located on border of the President Dutra Highway, DAIDO is a metallurgical industry which concentrates your activities on Project, Production and Sales of drive chains. The high technology matched with strong Japanese tradition assures to the customers the deliver of products with the best quality in the global market. Our greatest satisfaction is provide products with the best quality, integrating technologies, developing products with highest durability and warranty, having as reference the biggest chain manufacturer of the world.

Engecer ltda
History Engecer has been founded by a group of Specialist on Materials engineering from the local University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in 1987 with the aim to produce Advanced Ceramics laboratory components and polishing powders for the glass industry. Added to the researchers knowledge content the company receives also a venture capital support and long term finance from the foment research agencies. In the first period the company did dedicate its best efforts on the ceramic material research aim to identify the best production process for small scale production of feel products designed for a restricted group of clients. In a second period, the company turns to a professional administration and a new period can be translated as a client base expansion. With a focus on client demands, Engecer has today a large spectrum of products with a specific technology content serving the advanced ceramics market niche of small production series that requires a customs design specification and tight tolerances (project and production). Using a specific knowledge the company produces two different types of products with ceramic materials. The first group comprises a variety of polishing powders and slurries for hard material surface managing especially flat glass, play as a market leader on the local market. The second group comprises the ceramic components with a wide range of geometries and different chemical composition. Quality Playing in a select market niche, Engecer does focus its strategy on fulfill its customer demand through a high quality product and a flexible production system. A reliable process is considered as a foundation for a repeatable production capability not just in terms of geometry but also on the product features like roughness, density, composition, etc With a enhanced and ISO 9001-2008 certified quality managing system, Engecer does guarantee the managing efficiency of a flexible and complex production process that aims the full customer satisfaction. Using the CIP (Cold Isostatic Press) and dry press conformation process, the parts can be produced according to customer project geometry requirements. The production process is specified in a set of drawing and procedures for each process phase in order to attend the customer requirement. That strategy enables the conformance control on each process phase and guarantees the specification stability. Using its owns spray dryer powder production capability, the process controls start at the raw material grains size and hardness checking through the BET and Sedigrafe stand lab inspection procedures. In the green and final machinery, automatic routines and measurement equipments are used for dimensional inspection in order to guarantee the conformance with the final and process drawings, like the roughness that is a key feature for wear resistant parts. Additional and complex inspection procedures on the material micro structure can be realized, on demand, in the university support labs, that may include mechanical and physics properties and chemical composition. Product Development Technical Ceramics are considered a high performance materials associated with innovative technologies and comprise a wide range of chemical compositions with crystal variances that enables a range of specific mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. The production of such materials requires a continuous improvement of the micro structure of the materials by the manipulation of chemical arrangement, sintering process and fine machinery in order to optimize the demanded properties. That means, the product development requests a constant interaction between the production process and materials characterization added by geometrical features demands. Engecer, keeping its roots on the local universities, develops in a partner model, innovative ceramic materials solutions supported by the academic research and characterization labs. The development activities do involve some partnership with different universities, research centers and other technology agents. Inserted in the innovation technology environment, Engecer does have the capability to develop ceramic products for different industry demands and challenges.

Ergomat Ind com Ltda
Ergomat was founded in 1962. Today, Ergomat is the manufacturer with the most complete line of automatic lathes in Brazil. The well-known automatic A25 single-spindle lathe is the first from a line of high output, state-of-the-art cam controlled and CNC machines.

Manufacturer of equipment for pre-treatment of surfaces, painting and drying of liquid paint, electrostatic powder and KTL (E-coat), focused on the segments metal-mechanical, auto parts, furniture, plastic, electro-electronic, agroindustrial , among others.


With headquarters in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, JUNG maintains a four thousand square meter factory park, in three production units, in which approximately 70 employees work. It produces more than 100 models of ovens and greenhouses for various applications and has already delivered more than 10,000 equipment to customers in all regions of Brazil and abroad. Robustness, reliability and high efficiency are the guiding principle of the company and guide the entire product development. The highlight is continuous operation technologies, which allow for any degree of automation, with increased productivity, low power consumption and varied load handling systems. In 2015, the company expanded its activities, internationalizing its activities with the establishment of a headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida (USA). Since 2008, JUNG also has a plant that offers thermal treatment services. This structure makes it possible to carry out process tests and the continuous improvement of the products developed by the company. Learn more about JUNG Heat Treatment here.

FRANHO Máquinas e Equipamentos S/A
Manufacturer of band saw machines and circular saw machines

Grupo ArpiAspersul
Industrial Painting and suction solutions. The ArpiAspersul Group is formed by: Aspersul - Special projects; Arpi - Standardized products; Orange - Automotive refinish; Arply - Painting supplies, equipments and filters

HB Soluções em Ar Comprimido Eireli
HB is a Brazilian company that specializes in compressed air treatment. In our years of activity we have built a solid reputation as a supplier of high quality products and excellent client support. We praise innovation and are constantly in search of modern technology as well as highly trained personnel, so that we are always able to offer the best solutions. Our line of products include: refrigeration and adsorption compressed air dryers, condensate separtors, breathing air purifiers, colescent filters, water and oil separators, filter elements, condensate drains and compressed air control and monitoring units.

Imbil Ind. e Manut. de Bombas Ita Ltda
IMBIL - Industry and Maintenance of Pumps ITA Ltda., is a 100 % closed capital Brazilian company, operating in Mono and Multistage Centrifugal Pumps segment since 1982. IMBIL is located at Rua Jacob Audi 690 in the city of Itapira /SP, in its own area of 120 thousand square meters, with 23,500 m² of built area.

Founded 50 years ago Marrucci Industries has grown and consolidated as a reference on Brazilian market supplying products for hydraulic segment. Nowadays the company is composed by a Hydraulic Division and also by a Foundry Division responsible to supply castings for several segments of the market. Marrucci Industries management is always based on sustainability and it is one of the few companies to hold these certificates (ISO 9001) Guaranteed manufacturing of products in compliance with the determined standards, promoting customer satisfaction; (ISO 14001) Total compliance with development standards with no harm to the environment, including awareness in our collaborator’s attitudes; (OHSAS 18001) Excellence in safety management and occupational health of all of those who are involved with the company which demonstrate its commitment to guarantee the best practices, safety, health and motivate the development of our collaborators.

Indústrias Romi S.A.
We are an internationally acknowledged company, which products and services are employed in domestic market and exported to all continents. We supply for a wide range of sectors of industry, manufacturers and venders of car making chain, general goods, agricultural machines and tools and industrial machine and equipment, by employing quality, technology and reliability.

More than 30 years in the water cooling market, offering superior equipment, Körper has also specialized in providing customized solutions that combine the efficiency of their equipment to complete installations projects that fully meet the demands of companies of different segments Marketplace. Körper has the most complete portfolio of cooling, heating and ventilation in the Brazilian market. Specialist in customized solutions of projects and installations.

MAC Total Ice is the leading brand in industrial ice machines manufacturing in Latin America. Based in Sao Paulo - Brasil, accumulates more than 30 years of experience in the area and have reached the biggest market share position in the country, with machines running in every Brazilian state, besides of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Angola and Ghana. MAC technical experts developed the best industrial ice machine in the market, with maximum performance and high productivity. With highly trained and qualified team in the ice market to serve our clients in all its needs, as in the customers service in its first contact, with the technical designers, engineering or with the personalized after sales.

Manufacturing gearbox and motogearbox

Services of machining, design and assembly of devices, molds under drawing.


MELLO S.A. MÁQUINAS E EQUIPAMENTOS is a 60 years old machine-tool manufacturer. In 1957 the first universal tool and cutter grinder was launched with a great success. In 1960 MELLO launched the first Brazilian Cylindrical grinding machine, showing our pioneering and commitment to the grinding machine market. Following our growth strategy and concern with the market needs in the next years surface grinding machines and many new other models both of cylindrical and surface grinding machines were launched again with a great success. In 1979 the first NC Cylindrical machine with stepping motors. In 1987 the first CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine. In the nineties new modern machines were launched commanded by PLCs and after 2006 we added the possibility of programming the surface grinding machine by a LCD touch screen monitor with an admirable friendly software developed by MELLO. MELLO is the preferred mark in Brazil for grinding machines according to an independent research. This award confirms MELLO ‘s commitment to the Brazilian and International market, quality of our machines and the serious work that we have been doing over all these years. Located in São Paulo, SP – Brazil, with a manufacturing plant of about 7.000 square meters MELLO Exports to over than 30 countries in all continents attending to several international standards including the European CE. MELLO has a well known assistance service for the Brazilian and International markets. Products: ?Precision Cylindrical Grinding machines since 400mm to 3000mm between centers , up to 700mm diameter with several different standard models as Hydraulics, Universal, Automatic, Production, NC, CNC and special features. ?Precision Surface Grinding Machines from 220x525mm up to 1500x800mm, also with several different standard models as hydraulics, automatics, production, NC, CNC and special features. ?Universal Tool and Cutter Grinders. Our modern projects present high stability and an excellence in manufacturing providing a long term life, and a great precision to our machines, reaching grinding wheel in-feeds up to 0,001mm both for cylindrical and surface grinders.

Metal Work Pneumática Ltda
Founded in 1967 in Italy, Metal Work is present on all continents. In Brazil, headquartered in the municipality of São Leopoldo (RS), where it develops customized products for Brazilian and Latin American industry. In your portfolio, there are more than 15 thousand references. Among the main families of products are: pneumatic, electric, linear and rotary cylinders; pneumatic valves and electro directional valves, process and classified areas; valves for machine safety; manipulating elements, tweezers, linear guides; quick coupling connections; line of regulating filters for treatment of compressed air; panel mounted systems; and structures of machines in aluminum, elements for vacuum.

Metalquip is the largest hydraulic fittings industry stated in our country. A 100% Brazilian company focused on the Agricultural market since 1982. It performs in all national territory and also abroad, is identified in the market as vendor of original parts for agricultural machinery and equipment of big trademarks like Tatu, Baldan, Marispan, Industrias Colombo, CNH among many others. It has 05 facilities at Catanduva-SP and subsidiaries in other states, it performs with an up-to-date industrial park with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, all new and / or semi-new, as well as well-maintained industrial and management processes. Metalquip is recognized for the quality of the products and services it offers! Safety and comfort to customers and business partners.

Traditional brazilian manufacturer of sawing machines for metals and plastic profiles, copy routers, end milling machines and other equipment for profiles processing. Manual and hydraulic tube benders.


Netsu Equipamentos Industriais LTDA
Manufacturer of welding automation equipment, special machines, positioner for welding parts, cylindrical bodies, welding manipulators, tractor, vacuum cleaner and flow recuperator, adjustable rollers and conic, etc ...

Oxipira/ HRC
A company that provides solutions for various cutting processes: plasma, oxyfuel , waterjet , laser and provides all parts and consumables and complete after sales services. HRC - HRC is a company of the Oxipira Group whose purpose is the delivery of solutions of remanufacturing, reuse and extension of the useful life of metallic materials. HRC's coating solutions contribute directly to the industry and to the world, making it more sustainable, precisely because of the greater use of resources and prolonging the life of the components.

Brazilian company manufacturer of mechanical, hydraulic and servo actuated presses with capacities between 45 and 1200 tons with suitable characteristics and sizes.

Prensas Schuler S.A.
For more than 50 years, Prensas Schuler has contributed to the technological development of Brazil, supplying high technology equipment for the production of stamping parts to attend the growing production demands of the global automotive industry and other several areas.

Pressure Compressores Ltda
One of the most respected air compressor industries of the country is located on Route PR 317, km 08, in the city of Maringá, Paraná.Pressure Compressores is installed in an area of 20.000m2 and has a built area with more than 11.000m2. That is a brand beyond the borders of Brazil, acting in several countries in Latin America. The company advanced in other continents always adapting to the international laws and quality standards required by those countries. With over 18 years, the brand Pressure Compressores was consolidated in the markets in which it operates, gaining the respect that only reputable companies get and predestined to achieve success. This is because the work philosophy based on continuous improvement and respect for their customers, either through the functionality of their products or for user safety in the equipments produced. An example of this policy is the pressure reservoirs (tanks) supplied with air compressors. They are constructed by looking at the specifications of ASME (USA) guidelines on the design and construction of the reservoir and NR 13 (Ministry of Labor in Brazil). Compliance with the standards ensures a high quality final product, leaving nothing to be desired in relation to what is currently in the markets in the world. To verify that yes, Pressure Compressores invited SGS do Brasil, a member of SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance - Member of the International Federation of Inspection Agents, IFIA), recognized worldwide in over 140 countries, which verified in local the adaptation of production processes. Pressure Compressores provided industry certification with ISO 9001-2008, which means the recognition of the strenuous efforts of all internal staff, who feel the need to better position the company in the concept of its customers, inside and outside Brazil. As relevant care with the qualification of suppliers and production structure, is the updating of professionals working for Pressure, constantly investing in field training or into the factory. All such care become this marks a major market success. The best guarantee of quality as well as determination that brings Pressure Compressores is on maintaining trade relations and friendship with authorized resellers and technical assistants, which is dedicated to an excellent level of care. It should work with quality. And most importantly: Pressure Compressores does not disrupt their routine planning, structuring and serious work, acts as the air itself, which is necessary for life and limitless.

PROMAC Equipamentos MS Ltda.
We at Promac have the vision of being the reference in supply of components, equipment, consulting and EPC for various market sectors. In every project we aim towards the success and total satisfaction of our clients. We believe this can be reached through products and services that are innovative, ultra-efficient and economical as well as solutions that will best benefit our client. Our supply includes engineering class chains and their components to complete Turn-Key systems for cogeneration, sugar and ethanol mills, consulting and supply for various projects.

PTI Power is a mechanical power transmission company for TURN-KEY system, composed of motors, gearboxes, couplings, coupling guards that meets all standards. The credibility of PTI in Brazil is based on a solid engineering with over sixty years of experience, state of art equipment used in the manufacture and quality control of products

VERTUX is a brand of REXFORT, dedicated to the manufacturing of vertical automated storage (VLM - VERTICAL LIFT MODULE). Directly connected to the technology of intra-logistics, for the most varied segments. One of the applications of the equipment is the warehouse of parts, to be separated to the assembly line, from machine manufacturers, and equipment. Another application is the warehouse of maintenance parts and consumables used for the product process of the industries. The product line with the REXFORT brand is the polybordas, used in marble, where it stands out for its quality and technology as well as market share in Brazil, being present in 24 states with more than 4 hundred machines installed. This operation of the company is also active in the United States where it already has installed machines and is in search of expansion, with the objective to reproduce the success of sales in the North American market.

Ronemak Máquinas Operatrizes
National manufacturer of machine tools, such as bandsaws horizontal and vertical (both mechanical, hydraulic or automatic), slotting machines and cutting machines of tubes.

Screw and piston air compressors manufacturer. Also dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of compressed air accessories, such as: Air Dryers, coalescent filters, pneumatic tools and condensed separator tanks.

Founded in 1980, Sumig specializes in welding and cutting solutions, and is the largest manufacturer of MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting welding torches in Latin America. Sumig works with the following product lines: MIG Welding Torches, TIG and Plasma Cutting; MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting Welding Machines; Welding Cells; Welding Robots and Torches for Welding Robots; Welding Automation; Welding Smoke Extractors; CNC Plasma Cutting Tables; Accessory and Consumables for Welding.

Thermoval Indústria de Válvula LTDA
Thermoval Industria de Válvulas, currently stands as the largest brazilian company in the industry, being recognized worldwide since 1987 by offer solutions for many differents applications. We are specialists development solenoid valve solutions, injection of thermoplastics, tools and devices, sales of metals(pipe and copper wire).

Truckvan Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
Founded in 1992, Truckvan is the largest manufacturer of mobile units in Brazil and a reference in road implements, producing more than 45,000 aluminum chests and delivering approximately 650 mobile units for health, training and professional training, events, services, defense and security, in addition to having customized more than 80 food trucks. In its international history, the company has already produced mobile banking agencies for Angola and mobile training colleges for Nigeria, as well as participating in events in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Hannover, Germany, Orlando, USA, and fairs in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay. In order to strengthen the image on the world stage and expand its exports, Truckvan concluded in 2015 the process of registering on the UN global bids portal, UNGM (United Nations Global Marketplace), which allows us to participate in the processes of and receive real-time information on new bids and on-going procurement processes.

V8 Brasil
Manufacturer of welding machines, battery chargers and spotter´s (car repair). We sell to all the Brazilian market and some countries of South America. We serve exclusively resellers.

Vibtech Industrial Ltda
Vibtech® INDUSTRIAL LTDA is the successor since 1994 of VIBRACHOC Brasil, a subsidiary of the French company of the same name, continuing the development of products in the control of noise, shocks and vibrations. VIBRACHOC Brasil was the pioneer in the country in the manufacture of shock absorbers for industrial, naval and military applications, among others, participating in the most expressive projects, using various technologies: metal springs, stainless steel, hydraulic and elastomer pads. Vibtech® has a qualified team of engineers trained to meet customer needs, with visionary professionals who follow the trends taking advantage of market opportunities, twenty representatives distributed throughout Brazil and four representatives abroad (Chile, Argentina, United States and France).

VULKAN - a Germany company present globally for over 125 years, has been serving Latin America through its plant in Brazil since 1975. The company has just established new subsidiaries in Colombia and Mexico of its division VULKAN Drive Tech - specialized in power transmission solutions to industrial sector. The company also has other 2 divisions: VULKAN Couplings - focus on innovative componentes to marine propulsion and gensets and VULKAN Lokring – owner of the patented Lokring system of solder free connection to refrigeration and air conditioning.

Weishaupt do Brasil
Industrial burners high efficiency


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