A. Carnevalli & Cia Ltda.
Founded in 1962, Carnevalli is located in the city of Guarulhos, São Paulo, in a modern industrial plant with about 25,000 m2 and cutting edge equipment, machined by CNC of last generation. Market leader in Brazil and Latin America, it currently exports to all continents. About 4,000 teams were produced, delivered and installed in customers in various sectors. Carnevalli, today is a solid company and prides itself on being recognized as a reliable partner for its clients.

Branqs Automação
Fabricante de PLC y HMI Touch Screen dedicado para inyetoras, sopladoras y extrusoras. Robusto, durável, rápido y confiable. Hecho para durar mucho más. Referencia de equipamiento para retrofitting de inyetoras y sopladoras en Brasil. Usado para automatizar maquinas Engel, Wittimann Battenfeld, Kraus Maffei, Husky, Sandretto, Romi etc. PLC con módulos de entradas y salidas distribuídos em red CAN. Hardware robusto para aplicaciones críticas de alto rendimiento. Entregamos el PLC ya con la programacción y las pantallas listas para su modelo de maquina.

Carton Access Ltda.
Carton Access is a Brazilian company operating for 18 years in the flexographic market. It specializes in manufacturing machinery, equipments and peripheral accessories for converters of flexible packaging. It serves all Brazil and Latin America.

Delgo Metalúrgica Ltda.
For almost 30 years on the market, Delgo has been manufacturing and marketing systems for the packaging and application of protective seals in different types of packaging (cups, jars, bottles, trays, buckets, gallons, drums, tubes etc.) for the food industry , cosmetics, chemists and pharmacists.With a diversified line of sealers, dosing and bottling machines, we offer solutions to micro, small, medium and large companies. Our machines - manual or fully automated - serve from the small producer (200-300 units / hour) to a production line of 12,000 units / hour.For this, we design equipment according to the needs of our customers, considering four main variables: production process, characteristics of the product, packaging used and desired production volume.Since 2006, the company has started to manufacture pre-cut seals or coils in various structures for polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, PVC, PET and Card / PET packaging, used in pressure sealing systems and temperature and induction.In a modern plant, we have the capacity to cut more than 150 million stamps per month.Fully automated presses, non-manual production, automatic scrap exhaust systems, quality control and traceability in all phases of the production process guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

Deublin Brasil Juntas Rotativas de Precisão Ltda
Deublin is the world's biggest rotary unions and joints manufacturer applied in compressed air, steam, water, thermal oil, hidraulic oil, coolant, even electrical power and current (slip rings) processes. With 5 factory facilities around the world (USA, Germany, Italy, China and Brazil), even subsidiries and distributors, covering basically all industrialized countries.

Eletrothermo has been highlighted due to credibility, professionalism, steady research, development and technological evolution since the foundation in 1988. The company follows worldwide trends in saving, efficiency and energetic use, and offers clients a dynamic and updated support along with cutting-edge technology in manufacturing and electrical heating resistance supply in several infrared ray emissivity ranges, industrial ovens and conventional resistances.

Hece Máquinas Ltda.
HECE Máquinas is a leading company in its segment. It has its own technology, competing with manufacturers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Projects and manufacture of automatic machines for the production of plastic bags and bag and thermoforming machines for disposable and industrial packaging.

Kromia Label Press Ind Com. Manut de Máquinas Gáficas Ltda.
The kromia label press is a brazilian company 12 years ago in the market, manufacturer of modular flexographic printers and machines for finishing. We manufacture printers in the widths of 10”” to 28”” of 02 colours to 12 colours with diverse optional and also develop special projects in accordance with the need of the customer.

Laserflex Matrizes Gráficas Ltda.
Laserflex a 100% Brazilian company, supplier of rollers, sleeves and equipments for flexograph printers.

Máquinas Ferdinand Vaders S.A.
Manufacturer of Flexographic Printers, Laminators solvent and solventless

Mecalor Soluciones en Ingeniería Térmica es una empresa brasileña fundada en 1960, centrándose en el liderazgo en la prestación de una amplia gama de diferentes equipos para el control térmico de los distintos procesos. La tradición de pionero y construido en más de medio siglo se asegura por un equipo joven, impulsado por la pasión para hacerlo bien, y conducido profesional con amplia experiencia, aplicando las lecciones del pasado a las ideas futuristas cómo mantener la locomotora en Mecalor innovaciones tecnológicas, manteniendo la fiabilidad de sus mercados y la alegría por una extensa lista de cliente gana en toda América Latina, convirtiéndose en el punto de referencia en lo que respecta a la ingeniería térmica. La creatividad y la flexibilidad para satisfacer las demandas de un movimiento del mercado es la bandera de una empresa que mantiene una reputación de excelencia en la fabricación, servicio, soporte técnico y postventa.

Mega Steel
Mega Steel has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the plastics industry. Our machine models are robust, with cutting-edge components, innovative design and individual customer-driven developments.

Pavan Zanetti Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda
Pavan Zanetti offers 53 years of high quality equipment, productivity and energy efficiency for the thermoplastic industry. In addition to manufacturing and marketing a wide range of machines to meet the most varied packaging segments, it also develops special projects according to the needs of its customers. Its product line includes blowing machines of thermoplastic resins by accumulation and continuous extrusion, are hydraulic machines, hybrids and totally electric that produce containers of 10ml to 200L, for polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and polycarbonate, machines of estiremanto and blow of preforms PET for packs of 100ml to 6 liters.

Piovan do Brasil Ind. e Com. Ltda.
Piovan has been recognized worldwide for its leadership and its high level of expertise in the production of auxiliary equipment for processing of polymers, and state of the art systems for industrial process cooling.

Polimáquinas Indústria e Comércio Ltda
Polimáquinas has the best alternatives and opportunities to serve the market with customized and tailored solutions for your business. For 43 years it has been innovative and pioneering, leader in Latin America in the manufacturing of cutting and welding machines for flexible plastic packaging, ranging from traditional supermarket bags to flexible hands, stand up, wicketer and more. Serves large companies of the national and international market. It has a team trained to meet the needs of the customer.

Pronatec Equipamentos Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
A PRONATEC | TIDLAND is an industry that produces special machines and equipment for the flexible packaging and paper industry. With investments in technologies aimed at reducing costs and reducing environmental impact, improving its professionals more and more, it has become a leader in its segment with more than 60 years of shared experience.Founded in 1987, through the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of its employees, it has been evolving at every moment, perfecting and expanding its business, conquering and taking a giant step forward in 2013, PRONATEC, in order to expand its national and international market, ""Joint Venture"" with TIDLAND DO BRASIL, becoming the market leader

Reinos Ind e Com. Ltda.
Reinaflex is a company that manufactures Flexographic Printers, Rewinders, Die Cutters, Revisoras, Tube Cutters.

Saur Equipamentos S.A.
Leading on the move, SAUR has been in the market for more than 90 years bringing logistics solutions to its customers.

Varpe Brasil
Spanish multinational company with 35 years of experience, developing and offering to the market high quality technological solutions for quality control, providing equipment for dynamic weight control, metal detector systems, X-ray inspection systems and management. Present globally in the largest and most important manufacturers of mass consumer products in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and healthy care.

Walmak Ind. de Máquinas
Walmak Ind de maquinas Ltda has been in the market for 45 years, manufacturing flexographic machines, Laminating and Slitting with exelence.


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