The business meetings

The International Business Meeting is one of the many actions promoted by the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program. The meetings are usually held at the most relevant fairs of the machinery and equipment´s sector.

This year, the 21th International Business Meeting will take place at April 27th, 28th and 29th during the International Trade Fair of Agricultural Technology in Action – Agrishow 2020. The International Business Meeting is also known as Buyers Project and its main goal is to maximize the contact and dealings between Brazilian manufacturers and international buyers of capital goods.

In order for the negotiations to be productive, the meetings are 30 minutes long. It is therefore a great opportunity for Brazilian companies in the sector, members of BMS Program or not, to have contact with international buyers.  The participating Brazilian companies are provided with the infrastructure needed for the international meetings.

During the online registration, the Brazilian companies list its products, define its interests and its target market. After the enrolment, the company is able to access the system and organize its schedule according to the international buyers previously selected to participate on the business meetings.The profiles that are highlighted in blue indicate the match with the buyers’ signaled interest in one or more products listed.


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